SDM:TV Episodes


SDM:TV Episodes

In February, we launched our new project, SDM:TV. It is a video interview series, which digs into music business issues and interests, with the help of band members and industry personnel. Every guest is picked for their personal experience in each subject, be they recognised names or completely fresh meat. As well as looking up and down the scale, we’re casting our net wider and wider on the world map. From Iceland to Eire, Sweden to Switzerland, we’re reaching out to interesting people with their tales to add. Here, we are collecting all the SDM:TV Episodes, with the most recent at the top, stretching all the way back to the pilot recording, Episode 1. We’ll be keeping this article updated, but the first place to catch new episodes is over on the Slow Dragon Music YouTube Channel.

SDM:TV Episode 4

Four episodes in already, and in this one, we hit the currently hot topic of event streaming. Again, we’re reaching out across a few countries, tapping the experience of Tuomas from Finland’s Wolfheart, Anna from Swiss based Cellar Darling, and from our home country of Scotland, Shaggy from Kirkcaldy’s H8teball. Each one of them brings a different story to the table, making for a really interesting conversation.

SDM:TV Episode 3

In Episode 3, We talked to Claire from Ireland’s Dead Label, Patricia from Swiss folk metallers, Abinchova, and Andri from Icelandic black metal outfit, Auðn about live, local events attached to festivals. Their experience delivers some pretty solid advice for bands who are considering getting involved in such initiatives, how to approach it mentally, how to make the most of it, and a whole lot more. 

SDM:TV Episode 2

For our second episode, fleshed out to the full three guests, we talked to Oli Bowker from A Ritual Spirit (Scottish M2TM winners 2018), Goth Gorgon of Swedish black metallers Mörk Gryning, and DJ Beerman host of various radio shows and organiser of Beermageddon. This conversation aimed to get into the place and importance of radio in promoting new music, 

SDM:TV Episode 1

The first ever episode of SDM:TV! A pilot, if you will. We drafted in members of two of Britain’s greatest emerging bands; Bryan Ramage from Edinburgh’s epic prog metal operation, Ramage Inc., and Neil Hudson from Northamptonshire’s crushing metal monsters, Krysthla. We talked to them about their experiences in taking control of your own sound, in the studio and on stage. 

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