SDM:TV Episodes


SDM:TV Episodes In February, we launched our new project, SDM:TV. It is a video interview series, which digs into music business issues and interests, with the help of band members and industry personnel. Every guest is picked for their personal experience in each subject, be they recognised names or completely…

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Dragon Fire: Solitary, Heilung, and more

Dragon Fire Solitary Heilung

Dragon Fire:   Solitary, Heilung, and  more – 05||03||21    The third video from Solitary‘s album The Truth Behind The Lies It’s not just great thrash for this third visual treat. The new track has something quite poignant to say about how we treat our less fortunate. Vocalist, Rich Sherrington says…

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SDM:TV is Live!!!


SDM:TV is Live! As has been commented on many, many occasions, these are strange times. Locked up in our respective abodes, and with no live music on the immediate horizon, a lot of us have been taking our creativity to the digital stage. Here at Slow Dragon Music, we are…

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