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M2TM: Scotland – Out not down!

M2TM: Scotland – Out not down!

M2TM: Scotland – Out not down! We’re almost done with the Metal 2 The Masses: Scotland Semi-finals! The bands who made it this far are all top of their game, but let’s not forget the legends who bowed out in the Heats! Below, we have a recap of no-less-than FOURTEEN…

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M2TM 2022!!!

M2TM 22 Scotland

M2TM 2022!!! We finally got there! Gigs are open in Scotland again, and 2022’s Metal 2 The Masses is rolling out! For those of you unfamiliar with M2TM, it is a live events based initiative from Bloodstock Open Air Festival. It reaches out all around the UK, as well as…

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M2TM 2022 Is Go!

M2TM 2022 Is Go

M2TM 2022 Is Go Yes, Metal 2 The Masses has been given the official green light for 2022 from Bloodstock HQ! With upwards of 23 regions represented, M2TM is a superb gateway for heavy bands to build and grow, and Slow Dragon Music are handling Scotland for a second time….

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Nassau For Bloodstock!!!

Nassau For Bloodstock

Nassau For Bloodstock!!! Bloodstock Festival have just announced another chunk of superb metal acts, added to their 2021 bill. This particular swathe is mostly made up of Metal 2 The Masses winners, including Scotland’s Nassau! Every band up here worked incredibly hard, and stuck with us though trials and tribulations…

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M2TM Scotland Goes Digital

M2TM Scotland Goes Digital In somewhat of a heartbreaking decision, it has been realised that we can no longer proceed with Metal 2 The Masses Scotland 2021 as a live event.  We were somewhat prepared for this eventuality, as discussed in our most recent M2TM update: “In line with the most…

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M2TM Scottish Final 2021

M2TM Scottish Final 2021

M2TM Scottish Final 2021 With updates to restrictions, and Scotland’s first metal gig since lockdown having taken place, it’s time for a hefty Metal 2 The Masses refresher! As we mentioned previously, we have kept all of the participating bands from the 2020 M2TM in the running. As the pandemic…

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Metal 2 The Masses is back!!!

Metal 2 The Masses Is Back

Metal 2 The Masses is back!!! Bloodstock Open Air‘s Metal 2 The Masses initiative is returning to the live scene, now that lockdown restrictions are set to ease in time for the Summer season. The initiative, which unlocks the path to festival performances for unsigned bands, was put on indefinite…

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