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Drekavac – Hordes X 2022 interviews

Drekavac - Hordes X 2022

Forked Tongues: Drekavac – Hordes X 2022 interviews We’re keeping it going with the Hordes X interviews, and this time we’re going right up to the top of our geographical pool of artists, to talk with Drekavac. The higher latitudes of Scotland have spawned some brutal extreme metal over the…

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Colossus – Degenesis (album)


Colossus – Degenesis (album) Release date: 05th February 2021||Genre: Extreme death metal||Label: Comatose Music Setting out to deliver an apocalyptic onslaught of technical death metal, Colossus have certainly hit their mark with Degenisis. Most of the tracks are so mind-grindingly relentless as to be almost unlistenable to mortal ears. It…

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