Month: February 2021

24/7 Diva Heaven – Stress (album)

24/7 Diva Heaven - Stress

24/7 Diva Heaven – Stress (album) Release date: 19th March 2021||Genre: Grunge/Riot grrrl||Label: Noisolution Proper 90s alternative kids, prepare yourselves for massive waves of nostalgia! Stress is a filthy flashback which doesn’t just tap into the sound of peripheral grunge, it is that sound; 24/7 Diva Heaven are the band…

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The Scorpion Ensemble: Greg Mckenzie-Milne – Threshold Sicks (interview)

The Scorpion Ensemble is 10

Ten years is most definitely considered a long time between an artist’s first two full-length releases. You would have to wonder if a band still existed if they had no new output in that time. Yet, here we are with Threshold Sicks, a couple of line-up changes and a decade…

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SDM:TV is Live!!!


SDM:TV is Live! As has been commented on many, many occasions, these are strange times. Locked up in our respective abodes, and with no live music on the immediate horizon, a lot of us have been taking our creativity to the digital stage. Here at Slow Dragon Music, we are…

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Sacred Reich reissues classic albums

Sacred Reich re-issues

Sacred Reich reissues classic albums Now more than ever, it seems, the world need Sacred Reich. Their outspoken position on the riots at Capitol Hill have put them at odds with some (former) fans who, we have to guess, just didn’t get the lyrics. Even in the very beginning “Death…

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Electric Mother (interview)

Electric Mother

When you’re far removed from everything, away on the outer rim, things can get lonely. It’s not for everyone. Sometimes, though, that distance and separation can lead to the creation of beautiful works of art. Towards the furthest flung end of Scotland, in the archipelago of Orkney, Electric Mother have…

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Colossus – Degenesis (album)


Colossus – Degenesis (album) Release date: 05th February 2021||Genre: Extreme death metal||Label: Comatose Music Setting out to deliver an apocalyptic onslaught of technical death metal, Colossus have certainly hit their mark with Degenisis. Most of the tracks are so mind-grindingly relentless as to be almost unlistenable to mortal ears. It…

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