SDM:TV is Live!!!


SDM:TV is Live!

As has been commented on many, many occasions, these are strange times.

Locked up in our respective abodes, and with no live music on the immediate horizon, a lot of us have been taking our creativity to the digital stage. Here at Slow Dragon Music, we are not immune. For some time now, considerations have been at play as to what we could do on that front. Finally, with the assistance of MyRockout Promotions, we hit on something; Multi-guest video interviews, delving deeper into the experiences of musicians and music personnel. Last week, we opened the first result of this plan up to the public. Ladies and gents, SDM:TV is Live!

In this first episode, we talked with Bryan Ramage (Ramage Inc.) and Neil Hudson (Krysthla) about how their bands exercise self-reliance in sound. With episode two on the horizon, we are slowly but surely ironing out all the technical issues, and this series is looking like it will be a lot of fun! Plans are already circulating for exclusive content and deals. Get in on the ground floor with SDM:TV Ep,1.

Future episodes will mostly be uploaded to YouTube, so please do subscribe to our channel there. Some, however, may be restricted, so make sure you are following the Slow Dragon Music pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well. You can even sign up to our new mailing list (look to the top of the right-hand side bar here) That way you won’t miss anything. 

Bands and music industry workers; if you have been up to anything unusual, or have something interesting to say about current issues and activities, drop us a line at, and we’ll try to book you into one of our interview sessions. 

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