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Underground In Prydain started as an independent blog site, digging in to music industry issues, and how they affect emerging artists. We’ve kept it alive on Slow Dragon Music.

SDM:TV is Live!!!


SDM:TV is Live! As has been commented on many, many occasions, these are strange times. Locked up in our respective abodes, and with no live music on the immediate horizon, a lot of us have been taking our creativity to the digital stage. Here at Slow Dragon Music, we are…

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Underground In Prydain Archives

Underground In Prydain Archives

Underground In Prydain: Underground In Prydain Archives Victory! We’ve managed to dredge the vaults and find pretty much all of the old Underground In Prydain articles! For those of you who don’t know, UIP originally started as simple blog. It covered some of the ‘hot topics’ in the music industry,…

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Ramage Inc – Write with us

Ramage Inc – Write with us

Underground In Prydain: Ramage Inc – Write with us Originally posted 02nd May 2020 We are, as they say, living in unprecedented times. Among the many groups adversely affected by the current situation, those in the music industry are certainly feeling the strain. Promoters and venues can’t put on events….

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Fede Valls – M2TM Glasgow (interview)

Fede Valls - M2TM

Underground In Prydain: Fede Valls – M2TM Glasgow Originally posted 07th March 2018 As far as UK ‘battle of the bands’ events go, particularly for underground metal, they don’t come hotter than Bloodstock‘s Metal 2 The Masses. The competition sees the country light up with heavy music activity every year….

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2015 – Fave Five Metal Moments

2015 Fave Five

Underground In Prydain: 2015 – Fave Five Metal Moments Originally posted 31st December 2015 Hello folks! Season’s greetings, and all that jazz! Hope you’re doing well, and your festive cheer hasn’t been worn down to a stump by the current pro/anti ‘top ten/five’ internet article grumbles, debates, and rants that…

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Ahead Of The Herd

Ahead Of The Herd

Underground In Prydain: Ahead Of The Herd Originally posted 29th December 2015 IT has been quite a while since a subject grabbed enough attention to draw an article out of Underground In Prydain. Last time, we posted an overview article on the opinions and issues surrounding PR for underground bands….

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Standing For Attention

Standing For Attention

Underground In Prydain: Standing For Attention Originally posted 27th December 2015 The music scene is a noisy place, and with more access to connection between bands and music lovers than ever before, everyone is screaming out to be noticed, to greater or lesser degrees. Traditionally, the role of PR agent…

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Hedged Bets And Clever Spreads

Hedged bets

Underground In Prydain: Hedged Bets And Clever Spreads Originally posted 10th September 2014 In the last post Underground In Prydain discussed the relevance of physical releasing to the unsigned artist. Is it worth forking out more to reach a wider audience after the initial costs of getting your music recorded?…

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Forms Of Release

Forms Of Release

Underground In Prydain: Forms Of Release Originally posted 03rd September 2014 The issues surrounding releasing a new record have long been a bone of contention in the music industry. Many theorise, and with some strong supporting evidence, that people have to hear music before they are even remotely interested in…

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Seeking fortune in the bright lights!

Seeking Fortune

Underground In Prydain: Seeking fortune in the bright lights! Originally posted 27th August 2014 Originally kicking off her music career in Perth, Scotland, Gemma Fox knows all about the struggles of a small town artist. However, she has also familiarised herself with the pressures of taking on the underground in…

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