Ramage Inc – Write with us

Ramage Inc – Write with us

Underground In Prydain: Ramage Inc – Write with us

Originally posted 02nd May 2020

We are, as they say, living in unprecedented times.

Among the many groups adversely affected by the current situation, those in the music industry are certainly feeling the strain. Promoters and venues can’t put on events. Bands can’t even meet up to rehearse. So everyone is getting creative, looking at ways to keep the music flowing.

Slow Dragon Music recently caught wind of a very interesting approach to this problem. Our friends in Edinburgh based prog metal cadre, Ramage Inc., have come up with a novel concept to not only bring you new music, but to get you involved!

Ramage Inc.: “During this time of stay-at-home lockdown we have been thinking of ways to stay engaged with you all and ways to bring us all together without actually being in the same room. To that end we have devised a plan; LET’S WRITE A SONG TOGETHER!

Sounds fun, right? Primarily, they are asking you to drop by their Facebook page, and make lyrical suggestions to follow those below:

Uneasy in the stillness
On board a quiet earth

The aim is to build up a full song of two-line contributions from fans all over. You won’t be left alone, though, as they will follow and add to the submissions as time progresses. It doesn’t stop there, either! The band is opening up the opportunity to those who can sing or play an instrument. The technical details as to how this will be fulfilled are still to come, but if you can record, film, and send them your parts, you could end up on this unique track.

The end result is to be featured in a video, and as a pay-what-you-want charity single via Bandcamp!

For more information, head on over to their Facebook page to see the full post about this fantastic idea!

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