M2TM: Scotland Grand Final 2024

M2TM: Scotland Grand Final 2024

Metal 2 The Masses: Scotland has rattled through, seeing in a multitude of talented bands, and this year’s Grand Final is rapidly approaching!

It has been a wild rush yet again, so in this article we’ll be bringing you up to date. We have now concluded all of the Semi-finals, and we are ready to announce the full billing for the Grand Final at La Belle Angele, May 18th. We’ve arranged three superb guest headliners who have made their way to Bloodstock through the M2TM initiative in previous years; Hellfekted (Nottingham 2022), Haint (Northern Ireland 2022), and Voidwalker (Leicester 2023). The direct winners of each Scottish Semi-final have now been decided; Medusa Touch in Glasgow, Volcano X in Dundee, Hammer in Edinburgh, and Chekov’s Gun in Aberdeen. 

They will be joined by the ultimate top runner-up from across all four of the Semi-finals combined, H8teball. Now that all 8 bands are announced, our advance tickets go up to £12, with sales on the door at £15. Find them on Eventim, here:


Grab them while you can and save yourself a couple of quid!

We’ve also just dropped a little surprise for you… We have arranged a special warm-up night for the Grand Final. On Friday May 17th, at Legends, just along from La Belle, we’re bringing you three previous M2TM winners, so you can get your necks prepared; Kilonova (Newcastle 2018), Inferiem (Glasgow 2019), and Swarms (Newcastle 2023).

Tickets for the warm-up night are available here: https://www.eventim-light.com/uk/a/64e4bd9fe21f656bd75a0c93/e/662799b342e893181b275221

Tickets for all Slow Dragon Music events can be found in our shop, here.


M2TM: Scotland Grand Final 2024