Prong – Working Man (Regular Version) Released

Dragon Fire: Prong – Working Man (Regular Version) Released

Prong have just released the “regular version” of Working Man, and it turns out it’s a bit good.

It kind of feels like Prong never got as big as they could have. They’ve always been a solid band, and a whole load of us got hooked on Cleansing back in the day. When you combine this with a Rush classic like Working Man, you’re damn right it’s gonna get some attention at SDMHQ! 

This is the longer version of the track (the abriged one appearing on their new Steamhammer/SPV album State Of Emergency), and we have to say, the extra breathing room is a delight. Give it a spin yourself in the YouTube video below. The song is also available on all digital platforms:

Commenting on Prong’s version of “Working Man,” main man Tommy Victor had this to say:

Rush had the big riffs and that’s something Prong always wants as well. Especially in the song ‘Working Man’ with that all-time classic opening riff. Prong being a power trio also connects us to this great Canadian band!

The current album ‘State Of Emergency’ is available on Steamhammer / SPV as CD, LP, stream and for digital download: