Catalysis – Hordes X 2022 interviews

Catalysis - Hordes X 2022

Forked Tongues: Catalysis – Hordes X 2022 interviews

The Hordes X interviews continue, and stay towards the top of the bill. We’re now going for it with our main supports on our main stage, Dundee’s Catalysis.

2022 has been a year of accomplishments for them. They claimed the Scottish Metal 2 The Masses title to play Bloodstock, smashed Red Crust Festival winter warmer, locked down their dream support with Avatar, unleashed a new EP, and now come home to Hordes X. It’s surely been a wild ride, but has it been without its pitfalls?

Calum Rennie (drums):Honestly, I don’t think there’s really been much in the way of negativity for us during 2022. It’s an answer that could apply in any year, but I think its perhaps been worse this year, because of the kinds of shows we’ve been getting. But, genuinely, the worst part is just when we don’t have any gigs booked for a while. I think we all agree that playing live is the best part. That’s the biggest pay off for being in this band, and I think that any of us, on any given day, would rather be playing a gig than not.

Col MacGregor (vocals):I’m with Calum. I guess the only other thing for me would be, as with everything we do as a band, every step forward we take comes at a cost, in one way or another. We’ve had to work harder, and dig deeper to find time, and the amount of energy required to bring our show to bigger, and grander stages. I think given our reputation for bringing it on stage has only grown, we’ve probably done all right though.

We’d like to hope the main support at Hordes X this year is more than just another hometown gig. How do they find playing Dundee in general, though? How does it compare to venturing further afield?

Calum: “Yeah, the main support slot on this show is definitely something that means a lot to the band, and is an opportunity that we’re really grateful for.”

“I think that where we don’t actually play in Dundee super frequently, we enjoy Dundee shows more, because it removes some of the ‘rinse and repeat’ that you get in the early days of hometown shows. Playing out of town is obviously great cause sometimes it’s new venues, and different audiences etc, but playing in Dundee is comfortable, and we know the craic, y’know?

Col:We always get a great reception playing in Dundee. We cut our teeth here, forged strong relationships in the scene, and always look forward to seeing old and new friends alike.”

Catalysis – Innova (EP) 
Catalysis - Hordes X 2022
Release date: 02nd July 2022|| Genre: Metal||Label: Self released

*Review originally published 28th June 2022

Back in July, Dundee metallers, Catalysis, opened up their new EP, Innova, to the world. And it’s a bit chunky!

Rolling in at 25 or so minutes in length, I initially thought this was an album. I’m blaming the fact that their (now somewhat trademark) stomp, fills the release out to the edges. Where a few corners may have been slightly clunky before, they are now smoothly polished; The whole feels more, well, “whole”. Having been a follower of this band from day one, I sense every creak in the woodwork when they put out new material. On Innova, it feels like they have stepped over a breach, gaining a noticeable upgrade in songwriting and dynamics.

Existing fans won’t mistake the familiar growl, and Machine Head-esque chug. This is 100% still Catalysis. However, they seem to have come more to grips with their own potential, and I think this EP will turn a few heads, who thought they already knew the band. Heavier, more adventurous, & more fluid than ever before, this is a huge win!

Grade: A
Slow Dragon

Forked Tongues: Catalysis – Hordes X 2022 interviews

Calum:Hordes is always a great show! For me personally, the highlight is getting so many great bands on a Dundee bill. It’s always stacked, and this year is certainly no exception. I’m a big Saor fan so getting to play with them is going to be an absolute treat, and I’m excited to see our friends in bands like Extort, Primitive Vices, and Volcano X again, as well as checking out the bands that are new to me.

Col:I think this will be my fourth time playing, and it’s absolutely the highlight of the Dundee metal calendar. I’ve been attending the event since the early days, so to be playing as main support now is another ‘pinch me’ moment to add to Catalysis’ year. For me, every year the highlight is finding new great bands to get into. First heard Dog Tired, Overoth, Krysthla, and loads of others at Hordes.

So, as more experienced regulars of the event, what would their advice be for newcomer acts?

Calum: “Hordes is a busy day with a lot of moving parts. My main piece of advice is to remain self aware.”

Make sure you’re going on stage on time, make sure you’re finishing on time, take the time to get to know the other bands, that kind of thing. Other than that, just make sure that you enjoy being a part of a show that’s always busy, and that has an absolutely killer lineup.

Col:Same as with every gig. Bring it, leave nothing on stage, and enjoy yourself. You never know who’s watching or listening. A reputation takes a long time to build, but only a weak show to kill.

And what about after the show? What are their immediate plans? Are they focusing on anything in particular to follow up?

Calum:We’ve got a few shows booked for the latter part of the year.We’re actually playing a headline show at the Banshee in Edinburgh the following Friday, and then heading up to Aberdeen a couple of weeks later. So, it’s just keeping ourselves busy getting out there, and performing for all the lovely folk that take the time out of their day to come and see us.

Col:Yeah, as Calum says, we’ve got a pretty decent schedule for the rest of this year, all across the country, as we continue to build on the success of our Metal 2 the Masses win, and subsequent Bloodstock appearance.

Even saying that still feels insane!”

Calum:For anyone who hasn’t seen us before, if you’re a fan of big, groovy riffs, and on-stage energy, I think we’re the kind of band for you. But Hordes isn’t just about us. It’s about all of the bands, and even though it’s always a great time at Hordes, it’s not often that Dundee gets a lineup like this. So, the whole thing is just not to be missed for anyone who likes their music heavy.

Col:We’ll bring the riffs, energy, and the groove. You bring the love. That’s what we’re all about.




Forked Tongues: Catalysis – Hordes X 2022 interviews