Drekavac – Hordes X 2022 interviews

Drekavac - Hordes X 2022

Forked Tongues: Drekavac – Hordes X 2022 interviews

We’re keeping it going with the Hordes X interviews, and this time we’re going right up to the top of our geographical pool of artists, to talk with Drekavac.

The higher latitudes of Scotland have spawned some brutal extreme metal over the years. Right now, however, this is the heaviest band making waves up there, which is why they are main Stage 2 support at Hordes X 2022.  It is natural for people to associate “North” with black metal. However, in their experience, what is the Aberdeen scene like for that genre?

Hyperion (vocals):The scene for extreme music in Aberdeen is pretty dire, to be honest. Though it has improved as of late. Our fans at home are the best, and they know who they are. They make our home shows special. There are extreme metal fans, and there is a scene quietly pulsating under the surface. For the most part over the years it has been an uphill battle getting people excited, and pumped for shows.

“A lack of suitable venues willing to host extreme metal shows is really at the core of the issue.”

“They’re leaving money on the table. We have been declined by venues because we were “too heavy” and they had “left their balls in their wive’s purses”. It’s always produced extreme metal bands in drips and drabs; from Korpse, Bonesaw, and Unholy Deathcunt to Hellripper and Drekavac.”

As it currently stands, Drekavac is the longest going extreme metal band in Aberdeen at the moment. All others have hung up the spiked gauntlets long ago. We are proud to be from the Trve coldest northern reaches of the U.K. There’s a lot of posers that like to think they are from that far north.

The haven’t kept themselves restricted, though, quietly making frequent forays into other regions. What can they tell us about those experiences, and how did they compare to shows at home in Scotland?

Hyperion:Absolutely incredible! Wales is such a warm, and welcoming country to play. Those guys are crazy as fuck, in all the right ways. Even our shows in England are awesome. English fans can be a bit more jaded, but they show appreciation in a different way is all. In all fairness, they’re just absolutely bombarded with metal all the time, live shows, etc, so you really do have to bring your A-game to impress them. Not that we mind. We tear it up every time we step up there.


Drekavac – The Ashes Of The Tyrant (EP)
Drekavac - Hordes X 2022

Release date: 01st April 2017||Genre: Black metal||Label: Self released

In 2017, Aberdeen’s Drekavac released The Ashes Of The Tyrant, a full slab of black metal worship.

Yes, they also put out a single/2 track EP in 2020 (Insentient), but a review needs more meat. TAOTT certainly delivers that. Intentionally off-kilter vocal patterns give this release a maddened, sermon-like attack. Like old school BM, every track is rife with frenetic tremolo picking. Drekavac, however, seem to love their pomp, and that requires melody. It feels very much like a thumbing of the nose at religious ceremony every time it comes up, and it does so frequently. If that is the intention, they do it very well. It is blended in, where others would use a crowbar. I should also add that, while the EP plays on black metal’s inherent messy chaos, the playing is incredibly tight. This reinforces the whiff of death metal circulating the festering corpses of this northern cult. It is a very promising combination, and deserves further development.

Grade: A-
Slow Dragon

Forked Tongues: Drekavac – Hordes X 2022 interviews

You might have got from the conversation so far, that the frontman talks plainly about his opinions. Yet, he can turn quite poetic when discussing musical themes. Despite what some may believe, back metal is a very open genre for idioms (some more palatable than others). What would he say is the core ethos of Drekavac?

Hyperion:Waxing all philosophical on me now. The ethos of Drekavac has been, and always will be the dark mirror that reflects the ugliness of humanity right back at it. It is meant to provoke introspection. Humanity is a religion driven thing, and by that I don’t mean just faith. We make everything into a religion: from sports teams to political affiliations, ideologies and so on. This whole woke thing is just another religion. If you don’t tow the philosophical line, then your a fascist. Sounds kinda similar to if you don’t believe in god your a sinner. Its in our nature to rally to causes and ideologies, and to fervently pursue them in a fashion that is utmost in its piety. Trve enlightenment is rejecting the philosphy of the sheep, and embracing the way of the goat. However, we speak of the mob that forced Socrates hand with Hemlock.

The music is only one aspect of Drekavac, though. Aesthetically speaking, they put in a lot of work as a band. How important do they believe that visual aspect of live performance to be?

Hyperion: “It’s extremely important! People pay to see a show!”

“If they came just to hear the music, they could stay at home, and not have to go through the hassle of travelling to you, or paying more. People are more broke nowadays than ever before, so when they come to a Drekavac show, they’re not just paying to see and hear a terrifying display of aural misanthropy. They’re buying memories they will never find anywhere else. Also, on a philosophical level, the masks represent more than just frightening eye candy. We are each wearing a piece of the darkness, and ugliness inside of us upon our faces.

I remember when people would give you the bullshit excuse of “Hey man, I do it for the music” as to why they don’t dress up. It’s like “Fucking duh”! We all do it for the music. If your going to have the gall to ask money from your fans to see you, then you better give them something more than your crusty ass up on stage, in jeans and band shirt to see. Better shake your ass for that money, motherfucker. (I) work on the masks and makes them himself for all band members. The rest is just everyone busting their asses; dedication, hard work, preparation and a lot blood, sweat and F-bombs.”

This band have featured on numerous Slow Dragon Music events, including previous Hordes shows. If you don’t know them, and you want more of a notice of what to expect on September 24th, good luck! When asked, the vocalist simply replies; “Hell…



Forked Tongues: Drekavac – Hordes X 2022 interviews