Streaming event review: Sabaton – EMFA

Scales Of Justice: Guest reviewer – Oliver

Originally posted 15th August 2020

After 3 days of great music hosted by the European Metal Festival Alliance, already enjoying sets from Parasite Inc, Evil Invaders and Orange Goblin, I was very much set and ready to go, looking forward to Sunday’s head-line band Sabaton!

At first I was a little disappointed, because it was just a pre-recorded show from their 2019 Bloodstock set. It soon didn’t matter to me, as Joakim said from the start they would play “some new shit, some old shit, and some songs that are just shit”. They kicked off their set with Ghost Division, followed by the title track of what was, at the time, their new album The Great War. I’m sure every Sabaton fan would agree that it was an amazing mixed set played really well by great musicians.

I was glad that they played some of their older songs, like Lion Of The North and Carolous  Rex, as well as fan favourites like The Red Barron, and my favourite song, The Price Of A Mile. I think I managed to name every song after the first few notes, before the title came on screen. They played 15 songs before they said goodnight, but then came back for a 3 song encore. I was happy they did as in the encore they played Swedish Pagans and To Hell And Back it was amazing.

They’ve come a long way since my dad saw them as a support band in Inverness [note from dad: They were the support for Dragonforce at the Iron Works around 2009 along with Sylosis and Glamour Of The Kill] with spectacular pyrotechnics and impressive backdrops for every song. And if that wasn’t enough, the drummer, Hannes Van Dahl, has his drum kit set inside a tank! That actually fires! I think that even if you don’t like the music, Sabaton put on such a good show that there is something for everyone to enjoy. I definitely did, and cannot wait until I can see them live properly.

For anyone that wants the songs they played.

  1. Ghost Division
  2. Great War – my dads favourite
  3. Resist & Bite
  4. Fields Of Verdun
  5. Winged Hussars
  6. 82ndAll The Way
  7. The Price Of A Mile – my favourite
  8. Bismark
  9. The Red Barron
  10. Lion Of The North
  11. Carolous Rex
  12. Night Witches
  13. The Lost Battalion
  14. Shiroyama
  15. The Last Stand


  1. Primo Victoria
  2. Swedish Pagans
  3. To Hell And Back

Grade: A-


Oliver is a young, fun loving 8 year old, living on the Orkney islands. He’s just started his 4th year in Primary school, and loves football, history and heavy metal.