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Feeding Frenzy 01||04||21

Feeding Frenzy 01 04 21

Feeding Frenzy 01||04||21 Welcome to Slow Dragon Music‘s review Feeding Frenzy, where we scoop up all the runaways who thought they’d made it under our watchful eye. ***we like to arrange our meals in alphabetical order***  Depths Of Hatred – Inheritance (album)   Mixing chuggy -core rhythms with creeping melodies,…

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Dragon Fire: Solitary, Heilung, and more

Dragon Fire Solitary Heilung

Dragon Fire:   Solitary, Heilung, and  more – 05||03||21    The third video from Solitary‘s album The Truth Behind The Lies It’s not just great thrash for this third visual treat. The new track has something quite poignant to say about how we treat our less fortunate. Vocalist, Rich Sherrington says…

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