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Colossus – Degenesis (album)


Colossus – Degenesis (album) Release date: 05th February 2021||Genre: Extreme death metal||Label: Comatose Music Setting out to deliver an apocalyptic onslaught of technical death metal, Colossus have certainly hit their mark with Degenisis. Most of the tracks are so mind-grindingly relentless as to be almost unlistenable to mortal ears. It…

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Sumeru – Blood Ordinance (EP)

Sumeru - Blood Ordinance

Sumeru – Blood Ordinance (EP) Release date: 21st January 2021||Genre: Sludge metal||Label: Brilliant Emperor As far as I can tell, Australia is slaying it in the heavy music stakes right now. It’s not just in one genre, either. Thrash, death, doom. You name it! This week, Sumeru climb to the…

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