Nocturne Wulf & Extort – Hordes X 2022 interviews

Nocturne Wulf & Extort - Hordes X

Forked Tongues: Nocturne Wulf & Extort – Hordes X 2022 interviews

For this round of Hordes X 2022 interviews, we’re going East vs West, with two of the bands making their first appearance with us representing their neck of the woods.

Extort go to bat on behalf of Edinburgh, while Nocturne Wulf step up for our second capital, Glasgow. In the name of contrast and comparison, we asked them some matching questions. Let’s see how the battle goes down!

1. The obvious; Who are you, what do you play, for which band, where is your band from, and what do you sound like?

Alina Levanova:I am Alina from Ukraine, and I play lead guitar in Extort. The band is based in Edinburgh, and I’d say we sound like a blend of death/black/thrash metal. We like to experiment with our own sound without sticking to one genre.

Chris Horne:I’m Chris and I play lead guitar in Nocturne Wulf – a Glasgow based heavy metal band. In terms of sound – an amalgamation of thrashy, melodic, furious, aggressive, heavy metal.

2. Tell us about your local scene. What bands are you loving there?

Chris:Quite a few to mention but a couple that I always enjoy are Victorius, Bastyon, The Colony, Darkness Divine and Corrupt The System.

Alina:Our local scene is great and very supportive. There are many talented bands of different genres, and some are already getting significant recognition. I am loving lots of local bands at the moment. To mention some: Dog Tired, Disposable, Nassau, DVNE and King Witch.

3. What is the best thing about being a metal band in your city?

Chris:Best thing is that it’s not Edinburgh…

Alina: “The best part about being a metal band in the Edinburgh scene is by far the locals who show up to all of your gigs and have a blast. We have had many people that we don’t know personally show up and greet us after every show.


4. Conversely, what is the worst?

Chris:Glasgow is a shitehole…

Alina:I think the worst part about being a band in Edinburgh is the expensive parking and the lack of venues. We have 3/4 venues that are suitable for metal and other alt events but Edi could do with some newer and bigger venues to change things up in the city and make it interesting.

5. If you could take your live show to one location on Earth, no restrictions, where would you want to play?

Alina: “Ohh, that’s a tough one. I know that the stereotypical answer is gonna be the USA but for me, it has always been South America. I’ve seen many many videos and documentaries that showed me that the South American’s know how to do it right and that they are super excited about metal in general.”


And there we have it! Despite Alina’s driven passion, and Chris’ acerbic humour, we think we can safely say we have come to absolutely no conclusion whatsoever! Both scenes are, in all reality, on fire right now, stacked to overflowing with superb bands! But we knew that when we started…


Forked Tongues: Nocturne Wulf & Extort – Hordes X 2022 interviews