Feeding Frenzy: Apocalyptic Annihilation – Necrothrash

Feeding Frenzy Apocalyptic Annihilation - Necrothrash

Feeding Frenzy: Apocalyptic Annihilation – Necrothrash

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Apocalyptic Annihilation – Necrothrash (album)
Feeding Frenzy Apocalyptic Annihilation - Necrothrash
Release Date: 01st January 2023||Genre: Blackened thrash||Label: Self-released
Black / thrash metal from Australia’s R & J.

*EDIT: Contrary to what we were led to believe, Apocalyptic Annihilation have contacted us to let us know that they are a “totally separate band, absolutely no affiliation” to Tyrannic. SDM apologises for the confusion, but would also recommend checking out both bands.

(Adelaide’s Tyrannic have been on the South Australian scene for the past decade plus, with a couple of live member additions and changes in the early days, before settling into the duo that now is.

Tyrannic’s discography – for those who undoubtedly will want to check it out after Necrothrash – includes two independently released demos, and one split with Sluggard, a compilation on GoatowaRex label, followed by two full-length albums, (Ethereal Sepulchre, 2018, and Mortuus Decadence, 2021), and an E.P. (Exterminating Angel, 2019) on Séance Records. Tyrannic are not on hiatus, confirming just last month that recording their third full album was near completion, and that that too would be released in 2023.)

Apocalyptic Annihilation however, seems to be a little treat from R and J, to keep our ears pricked up and soothe the wait, with their aptly named unholy oblation, Necrothrash, released on Bandcamp 1st January 2023, (link here).

A fast-paced assault to the New Year; a seven-track recording coming in just under a modest half hour.

The title track, as the band is described, “goes straight for your throat”. This is an album that festers away, beyond the boundaries, categories, labels, sub-label-hybrid-crossover-blah-blah-blah, and will feed this path. It’s honest, raw, brutal, black thrash poetry… and not for the fainthearted, but most importantly, an uncompromised, and unapologetic response by musicians with an array of influence.

Submit to Undeath and Motormaster follow with early Hellhammer and Celtic Frost appreciation, the latter echoing aggressive vocal tones that keep you on your feet. Next up, and somewhat of a comfortable breather – you know what your getting – is the only cover track; Bathory’s The Rite of Darkness, and covered in good standing with the likes of Watain, Sauron and Deception to name just a few.

Blood Sacrifice marches to R’s unsettling beat to keep the adrenaline up, and blood flowing, (pun intended), followed by Vengeful Attack, a slightly slower track initially, but that will have you riled back up before it spits you back out.

Black Goat of Hades closes the album with its longest track, coarse hammering of drums battles tirelessly with J’s plummeting howls.

Hopefully this will not just be a one-off side project, and just a taster of things to come from the Apocalyptic Annihilation Bandcamp (but for now, it’s back to the Tyrannic records to become reacquainted with some old friends…)

Grade: A

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Feeding Frenzy: Apocalyptic Annihilation – Necrothrash