Mosh Monthly Kicks Off

Mosh Monthly Kicks Off

Mosh Monthly Kicks Off

This Friday, March 01st, 2024, Dundee’s newest live heavy music event project, Mosh Monthly, starts in earnest…

Slow Dragon Music, in collaboration with Kevvymetal Promotions, and the Roots Music Venue, are bringing a monthly metal and hard rock event to Dundee. The venue was formerly know as Conroy’s Basement, a well loved spot by bands and fans of alternative music alike. Now under new management, fresh initiatives are being brought together, and ours is all about the heavy stuff!

While the Mosh Monthly sessions started off linked in with a Heat of Metal 2 The Masses, it will continue under its own momentum, bringing fantastic bands, established and new, to the city. The first Mosh Monthly proper will see local prog legends, Solar Sons, step up to take the first swing, with support from Isak and Segadeth.

After leaving another session for the M2TM Dundee Semi-final in April, the new event series returns with expanded four band bills. The first of these will see the return to action of another local prog metal band, Man Made Origin, who have been sorely missed on the scene for far too long. Fife instrumentalists, Gift Of Prometheus join them, along with the dark and twisted Misophonia, and the fresh faces of Permacrisis.

Finally, an almighty party will kick off in June, as Kirkcaldy maniacs, Certain Death, storm into the building. As if that wasn’t enough tonnage in terms of riffs, their assault will be backed up by original 80s metallers, Medusa Touch, fellow Fifers, Fuktivano, and stoner doom squad, Aye-Aye. A show which could very possibly tear a hole in the fabric of Tayside, and end existence as we ken it!!!

Kev Marshall of Kevvymetal Promotions says:

Dundee has had its fair share of quality musicians that have made an impact on us. I wanted to give back to something that’s given me so much. That was the music scene. Specifically the metal genres.”

There were odd gigs here and there, but recently nobody had nailed down a consistent regular run of shows in Dundee. The idea was to create a regular gig that represents the metal community, and gives opportunity to grassroots bands to make their own history on the music scene.

So, a fitting title that says exactly what’s its intentions are was crafted… Mosh Monthly! Blending heavy hitters, established acts with the local towns, and grassroots bands to create a show for people to enjoy. Keep your eyes pealed as there will be more coming in future.

The team is far from done with these shows, so keep watching for more events, more bands, and MORE RIFFS!!! You’ll be able to find all Mosh Monthly tickets on our Events page.

Mosh Monthly Kicks Off