Phear – Save Our Souls (video and incoming album)

Dragon Fire: Phear – Save Our Souls (video and incoming album)

Toronto’s Phear are back in action, with a rather nifty new track and video, Save Our Souls.

It looks like this is the title track of a new album, the band’s first full-length since 2015’s Insanitarium. This is some chonky, CHONKY riffage! Add on top of that some melodic, old-shool/thrash vocals, and you’ve got something well worth dipping in to. Check it out!

From the press release:

After their amazing return to the live stage, on Friday, October 13th, Phear releases the first video from their new studio album, Save Our Souls. The album is set for release in spring of 2024. Phear has been recording this album over the last three years, mostly due to Covid restrictions. But now it’s time for these Canuck Metal heads to unleash the heaviest tracks so far in the Phear Catalogue!!

2024 will be all about performing these new songs live. If you have ever seen Phear in concert, you know that they deliver an arena show in a club. As stated by the band; “You haven’t seen anything yet!”

Phear fans can stay up to date on SAVE OUR SOULS release details by joining the email list at

The new Phear album is expected to be nine songs:
1 Save Our Souls – all tracks completed
2 Snake – all tracks completed
3 Aftershock – All tracks completed
4 Lease On Life – All tracks completed
5 Narcosynthesis – All tracks completed
6 Bleed – All tracks completed
7 On Thin Ice – All tracks completed
8 New World Error – All tracks completed
Bonus: Delusions (live) – Completed

Mixing and Mastering is now happening. Followed by Artwork and layout.


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