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Dragon Fire: 13||11||23

The legendary Dragon Fire scours through the Earth once more, unearthing the latest campfire tales. 

Endseeker – Global Worming 

Germany’s Endseeker are really smashing it with their new album, Global Worming. Knuckle-dragging death-thrash, with big hooks. What’s not to love. The album just came out on Metal Blade. If you haven’t heard it yet, the title track video below is well recommended. Tonnes of riffs, and it’s pretty funny, to boot.

The video-shoot was hilarious! We spent one and a half days filming with Alex Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) and Philipp Hirsch (Amon Amarth, Dew Scented, Heaven Shall Burn and many more) and had so much fun! The idea was to create a super cheap looking b-movie style video with simple special effects and awkward costumes. We love the result and it shows that death metal doesn‘t necessarily have to be dead serious.”

Get the album here.

Shylmagoghnar – Infinion

Next up is some instrumental mind-scaping from Shylmagoghnar. The track, Infinion, is simultaneously easy to listen to, while feeling like it twists the brain. This one comes from the Napalm Records album Convergence. With no vocals needed, it’s hard to put this one into words, but it is instantly enjoyable. Just check out the video below. It will explain more than any waffle I can offer.

Founder Nimblkorg comments: “For those who make it beyond the veil awaits Infinion. The crossroads of all that is and all that will never be. Weary traveler, welcome back. Let’s celebrate with a third and final music video release: Infinion. This is the first full music video that I’ve made by myself. Enjoy the trip I also wish to thank you all again for the beautiful response that the first singles of the album have already been receiving, and for sharing your own experiences with these themes. This album is extremely personal to me and I feel honored to have you all partake in this journey. Warm regards, Nim

Pre-order the album here.

Dragon Fire: 13||11||23

Infection Code – The Colour Out Of Space

If you want to hear something pretty messed up, you can’t go too far wrong with The Colour Out Of Space from Infection Code. Lovecraft fans will recognise the homage in that title, and yes, the music does do it justice. This brutal little psych dredging number comes from their new album, Sulphur, out this Friday, November 17th on Time To Kill.

The band say: “’The Color Out Of Space’ is the fourth song we wrote for the album. It took us a long time to complete it. We threw away many versions before coming up with the final one. The lyrics are a tribute to the famous short story by the master H.P. Lovecraft. We were inspired by this story and eventually ended up writing a personal reflection on the current state of our society which seems to be infected by an invisible entity from a distant world, here to destroy all sorts of individualism and make people completely dazed. The video was conceived with the help of director Paolo Gambaudo.

Pre-order the album here.

The Gems – P.S.Y.C.H.O.

Veering well away from the extremities for this next number to catch our ear, we turn to The Gems. Sometimes you just need a bop, y’know? Made up from a trio of former Thundermother members, this lot are surely equipped to deliver hard rock fun, which indeed they do on P.S.Y.C.H.O. The video should inspire a dirty laugh, too. This track comes from their new album for Napalm Records, Phoenix.

The Gems on “P.S.Y.C.H.O”:

P.S.Y.C.H.O is a fast and fun party track, with a chorus that will drive you crazy in the most magnificent way. We’re all bound to bump into some energy vamps so why not propose a toast in their honor? And who begins a song with insane drum fills soaked in flanger? WE DO! Maybe we are the psychos ourselves?! Watch the music video to get some clues…

Phoenix isn’t out until January, but you can pre-order it here.

Dragon Fire: 13||11||23

The Rods – Rattle The Cage

Must be something in the air, ’cause we’re 2 for 2 in the hard rock stakes with The Rods. It’s also another trio. Weird. Rattle The Cage is the title track from their next album, again, due out January (this is getting uncanny), on Massacre Records. Mötley Crüe fans are going to find a familiar guitar vibe in the intro. Good stuff!

Drummer Carl Canedy comments: “The Rods are thrilled to have signed with Massacre Records! The staff and the label’s commitment to Metal is second to none. We feel our new album, “Rattle The Cage”, is one of our best ever. We’re looking forward to working with everyone at Massacre to help make this album as successful as it deserves to be. The Rods have always been about bringing their music to the fans. We will be doing just that in 2024!

Stream the title track here.

Infected Chaos – Uncontrollable 

After those two, it just feels natural to head back to some utterly heavy stuff. So here’s Tehom from (German?) blackened death outfit, Infected Chaos. Coming off their new EP, Conjuration Overture – Vanity is Dawning, it’s raw and it’s brutal. The EP itself is due out November 24th on Wormholedeath (which ties in neatly to Slow Dragon Music’s new partnership with the label…)

From the press release: “”Tehom” – a term denoting the pre-creation chaotic waters – is the gateway to a dark and mystical underworld. This isn’t just a song; it’s an invocation, a descent into a mythological realm where formlessness reigns. Brace yourself for a transformative experience within the very depths of this ancient abyss.



Dragon Fire: 13||11||23