Dragon Fire: 30||01||24

Dragon Fire: 30||01||24

Dragon Fire: 30||01||24

The legendary Dragon Fire scours through the Earth once more, unearthing the latest campfire tales. 

Hyperstasis – Sixty Five Lies

Dundee’s Hyperstasis have been through the wringer a bit when it comes to personnel. Now with a new vocalist, they’ve dropped the standalone single Sixty Five Lies. It’s good to see them back in action as a full unit, and, despite their reputation for more “funky” riffage, this track shows a band who are capable of delivering some real heavy stuff.

IT’S HERE!” say the band, “We are pleased to announce our new single Sixty Five Lies is now available to listen to and watch on all platforms. This is our first single with our new vocalist and we are so excited for you all to hear it! Stay tuned as there is much more to come….bring on 2024!!

Stream the track on Spotify here, or watch the music video below.

Blackfyre Rising – Don’t Tell Me

Nestled somewhere between Thunder and Airborne, Blackfyre Rising are of that disappearing breed of traditional hard rock on the underground. It might not be flavour of the week right now, but the talent is undeniable. This is the latest in a string of standalone singles for these Scottish lads. Check it out if you need a break from the brootalz, but still want something rocking to sink your teeth into.

Writer James says “A girl I dated had insecurities and when I tried to support her she would get defensive and claimed that I saw her as my “project” so kept threatening to end it or flirt with other guys. I got fed up and ended it, tried to forget her, but a year after it ended we had a conversation which is the basis for this song.

Dragon Fire: 30||01||24

RedFace – Faithless

We recently discovered this Spanish extreme metal band through a Scottish connection. Featuring a former member of Volcano X, they couldn’t be much further removed from the sound that may lead you to expect. This is properly heavy, and properly catchy at the same time. The track comes from an upcoming album, titled First Blood, due out this year.

From the press release: “Along with their previous single, The Paradox of the Blind, FaithLess continues showing which is the musical base of their sound: death metal, metalcore, groove and some reminiscence of the vibes of the early 90’s or the very beginning of this millennium. Everything goes along with profound lyrics related to contradictions and miseries of the human species.

Stream/download Faithless here.

72 Legions – What A God Could Be

Ok, so this one is about four months out the gate, but it isn’t strictly speaking about a release. Sure, it’s some cool, filthy noise. And it features a former member of Nevermore/Annihilator. But the grip here is that this band have just landed themselves a touring support run with Cryptopsy, Atheist, and Almost Dead! That’s some pretty good going!

From Metal Devastation PR: “We are thrilled to announce that 72 Legions is currently working on new music and preparing for an exciting tour with renowned metal bands Cryptopsy, Atheist Band, and Almost Dead. Fans can expect a high-energy performance from these four incredible bands, who are sure to deliver an unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for more updates on new music releases and tour dates.

Hear more music from 72 Legions here.

Slaughtersun – Fall Of The Firmament (playthrough)

Sure, ok, the entire video here is a dude playing the fiddle, but this tune is a genuine banger. Flowing and twisting death metal takes you on an intriguing journey, and, well, that violin solo is just superb! For something different with a familiar feel, Slaughtersun is a great new find. We can’t wait for an album to emerge!

Ben Karas (treble strings) comments “Lyrically this song combines the lore of the Nephilim, which are a race of giant angels rumored to be responsible for the great flood, and pits that dynamic against the tech age and the giant names of that industry mimicking the decadence and ugliness that brought about the end times.

Dragon Fire: 30||01||24

Barren Womb – Squat Walker

The final track for this round is Squat Walker, a dirty, dirty pile of knuckle dragging riffs from Barren Womb. It comes from their next album, Chemical Tardigrade, which is due out on Fucking North Pole Records/Blues For The Red Sun, February 16th. It’s a filthy fun spin, with other song titles such as Dung Lung and D-Beatles, you kinda know what you’re gonna get. This band is the party you don’t tell your boss you went to. Or your Mum.

As the press release accurately states: “I could throw a bunch of references up in the air, but whether it be Drive Like Jehu, At the Drive-In, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Queens of the Stone Age, Afghan Wigs, Helmet, Fugazi or Thursday simply doesn’t do Barren Womb justice. You ​really need to check it out!!!

Pre-order the ltd edition blue vinyl here.



Dragon Fire: 30||01||24